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Daily flow planner for subcontractors

Efficiency is doing things right. Effectiveness is doing the right things.
–Peter Drucker


Upload estimated budget

Estimated working hours from your budget will be allways under control and planned carefully


Plan your project and prepear system

Built your project in the system according to timeshedule and places of work


Built your team for project issign roles

Plan your team in the system: managers, senior workers, workers, office workers and even client. All who should be involved in the process.


Use HR management solution for project

Hr management solution gives you oportunity to manage all team contacts, education, safety rounds and other


SiteDiary (Dagbok / work orders) for worker

Gives oportunity to manage your workflow on site by creating work orders and getting feedback of done works and spent working hours


Timeschedule (plan and manage your recources)

Timeschedule connected to sitediary gives solution to plan and manage workflow on site exactly as needed


Selfcontrol (Egenkontorl)

Get feedback of done works, extra jobs, changes or other ongoing information on site by getting feedback from workers


Checklists and reports

Use checklist and reports done exactly according to your site needs to hold workflow and duties under control as risk analysis, self-inspections, safety rounds and other


Keep your worksite flow controlled

Manage your site from start till giving over daily using Flowstamp system to reach best result with your team members

Flexible modules with powerful customization features

DASHBOARD – All needed worflow on your screen

DASHBOARD delivers daily workflow to you screen, collects all needed information and helps you manage your processes online.

Daily Journal Manager – Site diary

Makes sure everyone know their tasks for the day and after completiom. Makes understanding and tracking work easy

Self Control solution – hold under control all done works 

Manage workers’ daily submissions of completed work and tasks. Track different workflows. Identify obstacles and past mistakes. Inspect and analyse work history

Checklist’s – Create and manage weekly or monthly checklists

Create and manage weekly or monthly checklists of completed work, necessary reports, created documentation, or anything that needs to get done and confirmed regularly. Whether you need to set tasks and monitor how they are performed, or simply remind employees what they must do for a certain period, everything can be solved using this program module.

Forms – Create fill and send forms with predefined fields

Create, manage, fill, and send forms with predefined fields. Request replies and manage communication. Whether you just need to convey information to your team or client, inform about the situation on the project or deliver an official notice – all this can be done quickly and conveniently.

REPORTs – Get full overview of ongoing processes

Get an understanding and simple overview of all your project statuses. Generate and view reports based on selected time frames for both the daily journal and self control modules.

Work Schedule – Get full overview of ongoing processes

Create, input and manage the construction schedule. Send agreement requests and receive confirmations from related parties.

Our Working Process



Our educated team will support you how to join Flowstamp



The right plan for everyone, no matter how big or small



Choose your plan and you can start working with Flowstamp your self or order integration



All clients allways get support from Flowstamp team to get best result in own workflows

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Here’s What Our Client Say About Us

OUTSTANDING results in several month

Mikael Anderson

Construction site Manager

You really should choose FlowStamp, you can figure it out yourself why. It will save you time and money faster than you realize it...
John Allison
CEO of Electrical Company
Before it was a big mess at work, it really was. It was quite simple to fix that in short time with FlowStamp
Alicia Potter
Project management asistant
We tryed a couple of other tools before, but they were difficult to understand, and not adapted for us as subcontructor. Our employees did not understand how to report time, so we still had to fight to get the hours. FlowStamp helped us to go thrue that and get expected result.
Edward B. Suarez